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Auto Parts in Huntington Beach, California

Ace Auto Parts & Performance of Huntington Beach, California, proudly stocks thousands of parts for all major vehicle manufacturers. We specialize in performance parts as well as general auto parts for domestic and import cars.

Our expert staff and specialists helps you find the right parts, so you can get back on the road faster. Additionally, we offer a complete collection of do it yourself manuels for replacing the part yourself. Visit our auto parts store today for services that include:
• Auto Parts
• High-Performance Parts
• Free Alternator Testing
• Free Battery Testing
• Flywheel Surfacing
• Bearing/U-joint Press
• High Performance Parts
• Free OBD II Read & Re-set
   (Check Engine Light)
• Rotor Machining
• Drum Machining
• Stainless Products
• Truck Accessories

The Search for Your Parts

Ace Auto Parts & Performance taps into our large network of parts dealers to help performance car enthusiasts find old or out-of-production parts for your vintage car or truck. This ensures you get the best deal possible on aftermarket car parts.
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